Shiraz + Katie: San Francisco Engagement Photography Session at Land’s End

A couple weeks ago I met Shiraz and Katie in San Francisco, at Land’s End, to photograph their engagement session. They’re getting married in December and this was a great opportunity for me to work with them and get to know them better before the wedding. They didn’t tell me beforehand that they had quite a hike in mind, alongside the water, but fortunately for me I was wearing my shooting shoes, which, by the way, make me unstoppable. Also, Shiraz was a gentleman and held my camera bag while we walked! Check out some of my favorites from our shoot.

_DSC2680 _DSC2926 _DSC2571 _DSC2663 _DSC2718 _DSC2872 _DSC2622 _DSC2501 _DSC2869 _DSC2662 _DSC2806 _DSC2684

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