Impromptu Portrait Session with Gwendolyn


Yesterday, my beautiful daughter Gwendolyn dressed up to go see fireworks and asked me to take photos of her. She’s definitely a photographer’s child! Seeing the results, I’m very happy she invited me to document that moment in her life. These photos are some of my favorites I’ve ever taken of her.

gwen_1 Gwen_2 Gwen_3 Gwen_4 gwen_5 Gwen_6 gwen_7 Gwen_8 Gwen_9 Gwen_10 Gwen_11 Gwen_12 Gwen_13 Gwen_14


Can you see our cat in the window? She’s camouflaged but she’s there! While we were shooting, we heard meowing so we turned to look and there she was, expressing her opinion about the shoot, wanting to be part of the action.


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