Alice in Wonderland at Clos Pegase Winery in Napa Valley


Last weekend I was at Clos Pegase in Napa Valley, photographing their special wine club event, which had a totally fun and funky Alice in Wonderland theme that I absolutely loved photographing. Clos Pegase also hosts weddings and has a very unique event space in their caves, which I made sure to photograph too. Check it out.


Clos_Pegase-1 Clos_Pegase-3 Clos_Pegase-2 Clos_Pegase-4 Clos_Pegase-5 Clos_Pegase-6 Clos_Pegase-7 Clos_Pegase-8 Clos_Pegase-9 Clos_Pegase-10 Clos_Pegase-11 Clos_Pegase-12 Clos_Pegase-13 Clos_Pegase-14 Clos_Pegase-15 Clos_Pegase-16 Clos_Pegase-17 Clos_Pegase-18 Clos_Pegase-19 Clos_Pegase-20 Clos_Pegase-21 Clos_Pegase-22 Clos_Pegase-23

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